I came up with the idea of designing my own clothing after shopping all day on a Saturday. I went all over town looking for new clothing and was unable to find a single pair of pants or a shirt that fit! All the jeans were long and baggy and the shirts were huge, not to mention the sleeves were way too long. I could not believe there was not one single retail store that had clothing for my body style. Right at that second, my idea was born- to create a clothing line that fit! You know, the "Toro Size Man" with the short legs. "Ancho Sancho" (The Wide Man).

Yes, I know there are plenty of clothing lines out there already, but it seems that the fashion industry has forgotten about "US"- the big, wide back, big upper body, big muscle, bull size "Ancho Man" with short legs. It is like going on a mission every single time I go for clothing. Every single time I buy a pair of pants, I always have to hem and tailor my pants! When I buy shirts, the sleeves go past my elbows and the bottoms of the shirts end up at my knees. It looks terrible! I think its time that someone steps up to the plate and creates clothing for us! I am talking about pants that you could just put on after buying them and shirts that look and fit well.

We are currently in the process of designing our first line of pants and shirts for both men and women. We ask that you check in with us periodically and follow our progress as we accomplish our goal. Thanks for visiting us and for your valuable time!

Martha & Tony Guzman, CEO


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